Preparing for Summer School

Next week I’m going back to school and I’ll try and record my progress.

Every year the Association of Guilds of Weavers Spinners and Dyers runs a summer school and this year it’s being held in Edinburgh, I’m treating myself to the class on weaving techniques on 8 shaft looms with Janet Phillips as a tutor. (Also I don’t have to cook, clean house, feed the cats or worry about the day job at Jodrell Bank Observatory for 7 whole days ….bliss!)

However, I have to arrive there on Sunday, with my loom already set up and ready to weave following detailed notes sent out by Janet some months ago. There is never enough time, but I finally got the loom ready at the weekend  (after a week’s delay to rebuild a broken bit or 3)! I seem to put up endless pictures of loom threading, so I’ll skip that bit this time even though it seemed to take all week.

Loom warped ready to go

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