Fabric for a Gladstone Bag… Part the Second

Followup to the last post on sampling for fabric for a bag …. weaving is underway.

Upcycled Gladstone Bag

Upcycled Gladstone Bag


Meanwhile, over the last few months I have been trying my sewing skills on some upcycled bits( a wool skirt length from a charity shop, a frame and magnetic clasps from wrecking another charity shop bag – 50p in the clearance bin, and some leather for the handles donated by a cousin.)
Probably not colours that I would have chosen, but I’m quite chuffed with the result (though my leather sewing skills and rubbish – the leather trim needs a lot more practice.
I’ve also made a couple of small bags and its amazing how little fabric you need for that.

So now I’m ready to go with the main project. The weave is chosen (an 8-shaft undulating twill) and I’ve warped enough in the heathery shade for 2 bags. Half will be  woven with the grey and the other with the dark red. Here’s the heather warp (195 Moorland) with the grey weft (103 Sholmit) from Jamiesons of Shetland.


Undulating twill weave

Undulating twill weave.



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